Restoration Services

Painting restoration has evolved over the years with the use of non-destructive methods and reversible materials.
Treatments can include:
  • Surface Cleaning: Is necessary to remove tobacco smoke, fire damage soot household grease and normal contaminants in the air that slowly soil the painting surface. These can be safely removed with solutions mixed for each type of surface grime, giving you a more vivid and brilliant image.
  • Varnish Removal: Discolored varnish due to aging, or other types of damage that leave streaks etc. can be removed with the appropriate chemical preparations, thus exposing the original beauty and brilliant color that the artist created.
  • Removal of previous restorations: Most old paintings have been previously restored. There is discolored varnish, discolored or poorly done retouches and some over-painting, old patches or linings as a few examples. These are removed and redone as required with the greatest skill.
  • Lining: A lining process may be required if the support is unstable . Damaged paint, tears or punctures can be repaired, stabilizing the painting for further treatment.
  • In-painting : The repaired tears, punctures, scratches or missing paint are filled with a filler and in-painted with the most suitable paint.
  • Revarnish: The new varnish is chosen to the specifications of each painting, further protecting the painting surface for the future with added uv inhibitors and giving an overall superior appearance.
  • Frame Restoration: We encourage clients to keep and restore their original or antique frames whenever possible. Historically when a frame was commissioned for an individual painting, its cost was often equal to or more than the painting itself. Over time most of these frames were damaged by amateur repairs and painting over the gold leaf, stressful environmental conditions etc. Cleaning, paint removal, structural and ornament repair, casting , gilding and refinishing can be done.